Race Reports: Long Lost Edition (Summer 2012)

Fall is in the air, and my mojo for triathlon is back. Typical. The late July exhaustion that comes from balancing a career as a young lawyer with long distance multi-sport training hit as expected this year, right on schedule with weeks of hot, humid weather. No complaints here – I enjoyed every minute! Lake swims with favourite PEI triathletes, sunset cruises on the bike, and some late summer trail runs = perfect way to end off what has been one of the best summers I can remember. A couple months without structure was great for my social life but here we are, it’s October 1, and I am raring to go again. Except…. tri season is over! Really need to work on the timing of my yearly burnout…

For now, I thought I would satisfy my triathlon craving with a little blast from the past. Here are a few short race recaps from this summer’s races that never made it to the blog, starting with Brudenell.

Brudenell Sprint Tri – July 8, 2012

4/6 F2029
Swim: 16:09
Bike/T1: 42:23
Run/T2: 28:59

2 weeks after Mont-Tremblant 70.3, I did a little sprint triathlon for fun at home in PEI. Although the race at Brudenell had been held the year before, this year the race organizer (Jamie Whynacht + volunteers of course!) really went all out with Atlantic Chip timing and promoting the event across the maritimes.

The course was beautiful!


I had a good swim (for me). I really nixed my fear of open water this summer. With the exception of one freakout during my first open water swim on June 2nd in Rustico Harbour, when I had a moment of anxiety (totally embarrassing, by the way, because I was swimming with the PEI Canada Games athletes and their coach Kara Grant, I had a great summer of swimming in the ocean, lakes, and rivers here in PEI. In fact, I would go as far as to say I found a love for open water swimming! The pool seems so boring and mundane now, which is partly why I splurged on one of these. Anyways, back to the race report.

The swim was 2 x 375m loops. The water was shallow near the first buoy, making this course a comfortable experience for beginner triathletes.


The bike. Erm. Not my best. Pretty hilly, and roads were chopped up in places. But fun!Image

Then the run. 5k never felt so long! The heat kills me, and it was hot. Slow but pretty, and fun, and my family was cheering me on like I was a superstar so here we go big smile for the finish line!🙂


More long lost race reports to follow.🙂

Photos in this post are copyright and courtesy of Natalie Dallaire and Tabatha TeRaa.

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Novice triathlete balancing life after law school with a passion for health and fitness.
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2 Responses to Race Reports: Long Lost Edition (Summer 2012)

  1. Benjamin says:

    My race reports are always “long lost”, I don’t even bother to mention that anymore. I just consider the blog an archive😉

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