Weekly Summary Nov 18-24

My workouts have been pretty sporadic lately. In a nutshell for the past 2-6 weeks* I have been…

– LOVING crossfit
– sore as hell from crossfit
– crossfit 3 x week
– running 3 x week (2 short, 1 medium)
– biking 2 x week (1 is coaching spin class and doesn’t really count; 60 minutes-ish for the other one)
– how are my abs SOOO sore from crossfit?!
– maybe swimming once every 2 weeks
– yoga once in a blue moon

In an effort to gain more structure back into my workout schedule, and to avoid sleeping in or missing workouts, I made a goal this week as follows:

Sunday: 10k run
Monday: 30 mins bike (a.m.) + CF at noon
Tuesday: 5k run
Wednesday: Swim at noon
Thursday: 7k run + CF at noon
Friday: Coach spin + 5k run (optional)
Saturday: CF + 90 min trainer ride

The optional workouts were just if I felt like it/had time/icing on the cake. It’s now Friday and happy to say I have hit all my workouts! I also had a productive week at the office, spent time with my boyfriend, attended a board meeting and a committee meeting, made supper 3 x this week, brought a lunch to work every day, baked a banana bread, coached a spin class, and have time to relax now on Friday night. I attribute this to having a boyfriend that does my laundry** laying out a plan and getting it done.

I decided not to swim with my masters group this year because the swim times are more restrictive (8:30 p.m. is late for me during the week), and the group does not have a coach this year. Instead, I compiled my own set of workouts (this site is great) and will eventually consider some coaching and/or group swimming. At the pool on Wednesday I practiced flips turns for the first time in years. Yes, three years since I have been swimming in the pool, I still do not flip turn! I gained some useful tips from this video, and while not every turn I did was good, I did hit some good ones that helped me keep momentum into the next lap! I must say, I am also really digging my Garmin 910xt which measures my lap data with speed, stroke, and distance information. Will it make me faster? Of course not, but it’s useful to see where my weaknesses lie.

My focus right now is on building up my running endurance to run a winter half marathon in February. I am still looking for a good program so if you have any suggestions, please share! I won’t be doing any more triathlons until next summer (woman on a budget! no travelling for tris this winter) but will start building my swims & runs in the new year to get ready for a season of local Olympic distance races, half marathons, and eventually Timberman 70.3 next summer.

Happy training!

*I started crossfit on November 10 and have been going 3 x week since then.
**Thanks P!🙂

About legalb

Novice triathlete balancing life after law school with a passion for health and fitness.
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8 Responses to Weekly Summary Nov 18-24

  1. happytrigirl says:

    Way to get after it this week!! Wow!! I still don’t know how to flip turn. At all. Back to the pool after my 1/2 marathon!! How is the 910xt in the water? It’s on my wish list!!

  2. Sarah Moore says:

    I also still do not do flip turns! I hate them!

    • legalb says:

      Seriously?! I feel so much better now knowing a real swimmer does wall turns🙂 I think I wouldn’t mind them if I got used to it but probably only had one good one for every 3 misses haha

  3. erin says:

    I did a flip turn on Saturday, and my nose completely filled with water. Need to work on those. Thanks for the link to swim workouts! I do the same ones over and over, so this will come in handy. I’m currently jonesing for a 910… my bf has one, and I’m always tempted to steal it for my workouts🙂

    I’m jealous of your CF WODs! I used to be a CF junkie, going seven days a week, but got burnt out and then decided to join a tri team. If only I could afford both (and have the time to do both!)!

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